NTUC Headquarter

We believe that space design plays a part in fostering interaction, not arranged but induced.  Visual connectivity, open plan concept, semi-private enclave space for interaction, intuitive space for corridor discussion become the basis of our design strategies.

The center of the office is intentionally designed in organic line works to break the monotonous orthogonal office layout. The center piece of this is a platform that serves both as back drop with landscape as well as informal small group seating space. Office amenities like pantry, seatings, waiting lounge as well as a small amphitheatre are integrated into or surrounding the platform space.

The write up space is arranged with typical tall cubical area allocated at the perimeter and lower cubical in the middle. Office resources like printers, recycling points and discussion table are placed at the along the main center circulation where it acts as minor interaction point. These spaces are placed not more than 20meters apart for convenience.